Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Saturday 07.2.2015

From US to YOU. Happy Chinese New Year to All with abundance! Chef Elton is available to cook most of this month. Weekdays & Weekends. Secure your booking soon.  

From Siglap Bank to Water Bank

Tuesday 21.1.2014

From 1st Feb onwards, we will be HolyCrabbing out of WaterBanks. It will be a smaller place with only indoor dining. Minimum 8 pax with a Maximum of 12 pax only. You can get us by MRT by taking the Circle Line and alighting off at Dakota Station. Head for EXIT B. On street level, turn left and you will see Waterbank condo 110 meters in front of you. For more details, see FAQ / Venue

Festive Season

Tuesday 12.11.2013

Dear HolyCrabbers & Season Greetings 2-0-1-3 The festive seasons are upon us and it will last all the way to Chinese New Year. To gear up for this, we would strongly advice you to plan ahead and book early. Also do expect the prices of crabs to go up during this time of the year. We will update fellow HolyCrabbers should we get news from our suppliers. For now, things are still the same. Do free feel to email us for any enquiry or party you are planning for.

GOOD NEWS @ Siglap

Monday 12.8.2013

Dear HolyCrabbers We will still be HolyCrabbing out of SIGLAP till the place has been leased out or until further notice. So keep those booking coming in September and October. We will keep you guys posted should there be any changes.  


Sunday Times 13th March 2011

Saturday 07.2.2015

    Home Chef interview on Sunday Times & Makansutra Check it!

8 Days

Wednesday 30.1.2013

Enjoy the READ!

Article in The Straits Times Newspaper: Aviation Careers

Wednesday 20.7.2011

Our Chef Elton Seah is featured in Aviation Careers column in The Strait Times Newspaper that aired on Wednesday – March 16, 2011. Please click in the picture to see more about the article. 

Arofanatics Book Compilation

Sunday 26.6.2011

Chef Elton was featured on his pass hobby and love for Fresh Water Stingrays. Check it!  


Jillian Lim (Menu B)

Yummilicious kerb our crab cravings having lived in Aus land! Crab Beehoon n salted egg is da bomb! Thanks Chef Elton.

Juliana Ruzhen Ong (Orgasmic & Balsamic)

I have a bone…errr…I mean shell to pick with you…. I had to “fight” off my mom with the leftover balsamic crab sauce. Needless to say, I lost!! She insisted I surrender the remainder so that she could enjoy it with some fried fish she plans to have tomorrow. It’s that good!! Thank you for preparing the orgasmic and balsamic crabs for tonight’s dinner…. simply AWESOME! Seeing Summer was the icing on the cake

— feeling happy

Helen Tan (Balsamic Crabs)

Dear Elton,

Just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing experience of indulging myself with the crabs preparation you did for us – I was treated to this indulgence by Adeline Wong and as I mentioned, I will be returning with a group of hoteliers soon.

My favourite was the Balsamic Crabs – however Dawn told us when we met that we must try the Salted Egg version you prepared for her and the group as it was awesome.

Again, thank you for the wonderful experience. My tentative dates with the group will be November 27 to 30. I will get the confirmation numbers and then send you an email on the booking.

Cheers and will connect with you soon.

Best regards
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Promode – Devil’s Crab

Dear Elton,

Indeed the best crabs we ever tasted! Its very hard to please my wife who is a great cook herself – but between us we polished off the entire portion of flesh, buns, gravy and all. Even the shells were licked dry! All we have left is the empty plastic container and a lingering taste in our palate and hearts. Keep up the great work Chef. 3 cheers for HolyCrab!!!

Promode & Rosie

Jacqueline Juliano – Menu C

Dear Elton,

A special thank you for your kind hospitality last Saturday night! This was one of the best meals we have had in Singapore! I have had “spicy crab” but this was light and flavorful!
Please say “thank you” to your family for their warm welcome to their home.
Our appreciation,
Jackie and Mark Juliano

Lin Dewei – Menu A

Hi Elton,

Totally enjoyed myself last Friday! The crabs were succulent and sweet. The devil’s crab is truly unique. Coupled with the ambience, a great dinning experience.

I’m now thinking of bringing my family and friends over soon.

Thank you.
– Your new fan

Jasmine Lim – Menu A

Thanks for a wonderfully decadent crab feast last night! We had such great fun holycrabbing. Couldn’t have asked for a better evening with perfect weather, a fun crowd, a gracious host and of course the yummy crab!!

Jerry Chng – Menu A

Hi Elton
Our guest from France, Malaysia and Singapore were very impressed with your cooking skills!
They had a hearty meal last evening with the 3 sumptious dishes prepared by you.
We will definitely introduce more friends and business associates to patronize HolyCrab.
With your dedication and creativity in cooking, I am sure you will soon be a well-known Michelin chef .

Cheers to more good crabs !

Best Regards
Jerry Chng

Ken Nard – Menu A

Would like to thank Elton for his wonderful hospitality on Sat night, on behalf of my colleagues & friends. Everything was perfect, bro… the ambience was excellent, the experience was rewarding, and your signature devil’s crabs were simply flawless and irresistible! Thanks again, for giving our culinary senses a mind-blowing & invigorating journey with your time and passion!

Andy Loh – Menu C

If you enjoy your crispy pork lard, lots of fresh ingredients fried in a hearty broth where the chef allows the noodles to simmer and soak up all the awesome goodness, you know you are in for a treat! In my opinion, HolyCrab’s version of Hokkien Mee is the best my family and i ever tasted. Generous serve of eggs and seafood, all coming together to form the perfect dish. Not forgetting the humble sambal which goes all too well with the noodles. Chef Elton told me it takes a lot more work and time to prepare this dish to other menus. Rest assured that you will not regret choosing Menu C. As for the crabs, its still as good but nothing can compared to his Hokkien Mee. In fact, i regretted not having more as i wanted to save room for the Orgasmic Crabs. My family and i will be back for Menu C. Thanks again for everything chef Elton!




Cynthia & Friends

Menu C & Salad

TakeAway available (24hr Advance notice)